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About Every One His Witness

Every One His Witness is a relational, contextual Lutheran evangelism program that teaches you how to witness to your nonchurched friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members. Using the LASSIE approach to witnessing (listen, ask, seek, share, invite, and encourage), you will learn how to share the Good News of Jesus Christ in a natural way with people who are part of your everyday life.
Every One His Witness video modules and other resources are now available at no cost to anyone who is interested. To get a free access code, please email support@everyonehiswitness.orgIf you already have a subscription, you may continue using the program with your current credentials at no additional charge.

Every One His Witness is made up of two parts. The first part is a core module that covers how to witness in today’s world through the LASSIE approach. The core module can be conducted as a one-day event, a weekend retreat, or a six-week series.

The second part is this website. Here, you’ll find resources to help you use what you learn in the workshop to witness to people in specific contexts. Called “context modules,” these resources are available at no cost to anyone who has completed the core module.

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Accessing the Core Module

Self-Study Version

This guide was created to help individuals make use of the Every One His Witness core module resources that were originally intended for use by groups. It is meant to increase the accessibility of the Every One His Witness resources for people who want to be more active, effective, and joyful witnesses of Jesus.

Download Study Guide

English Version

All materials needed for conducting the core module workshop for up to twelve participants are contained in the Every One His Witness core module kit. Additional materials are available for larger groups. The kit and the additional materials are available through Concordia Publishing House (CPH).

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CPH has provided a media kit to help congregations inform members and publicize training opportunities.

Download the media kit

Spanish Version

The Every One His Witness core module kit is now available in Spanish at no cost, courtesy of LCMS Witness & Outreach Ministry. Email us to request copies of the Spanish materials.

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(Note: While participants using the Spanish core module materials will gain access to this website, the website and context modules uploaded to this site are currently only available in English.)

High School Version

LCMS Youth Ministry adapted Every One His Witness for their 2019 Lutheran Youth Fellowship (LYF) leadership training, “Motivated by Love.” The materials, including training videos and leader and participant guides, for their adaptation are available as free downloads on the Youth E-Source website.

Access High School Version

(Note: Participants using the free high school version will not gain access to this website.)

Accessing the Context Modules

The context modules on this website pick up where the core module left off. They are designed to help you use the LASSIE approach in specific witnessing contexts. Each core module workshop participant will receive a code that provides access to this website. Register and login to begin viewing the context modules.

For help registering, refer to the Quick Start Guide for Participants:

Download the Quick Start Guide for Participants

If you do not have a code or are having problems registering, contact us for assistance:

Email Support

Prepare to Lead a Workshop

The Every One His Witness instructional videos included in the core module kit do all the teaching; the workshop leader need only facilitate the training. The Workshop Leader’s Guide gives step-by-step guidance and instruction on planning for and conducting a workshop.

Download the Workshop Leader’s Guide

Context Modules Available

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Every One His Witness different than other evangelism courses?

Every One His Witness (E1HW) is the official evangelism program of the LCMS.

E1HW was developedasLutheran evangelism from the ground up. Its content is based on the sound doctrine of God’s Word and the Lutheran Confessions – and it has passed LCMS doctrinal review.

The central idea of E1HW is that we are Christ’s witnesses to the people whom He places into our everyday lives. It emphasizes listening to people to understand their worldview and where their lives connect with Jesus’ story.  It does not focus on learning witnessing scripts or methods for engaging total strangers.

E1HW emphasizes connecting people with a local congregation, helps participants learn to share both Law and Gospel in love (and how to determine which to start with), and teaches participants how to identify the way in which another person connects and communicates and how to adapt the conversation and questions to his or her communication style.

What do the videos contain?

The videos that are included in the kit contain all the instructional materials, case studies, and instructions for the exercises. Since the videos contain all the teaching, the local workshop leader does not have to be an expert in evangelism to lead the workshop. The Workshop Leader’s Guide contains helpful hints to help the leader use the workshop materials effectively.

Are there minimum or maximum group sizes?

There is not a specific group size required. The exercises work best in groups of six people. It’s usually best to have six or fewer groups, otherwise it’s difficult for the workshop leader to manage the exercises and stay within the time constraints.

What’s in the workbook?

The workbook contains the information from the videos, plus additional material. It contains the workshop exercises as well as helpful hints, additional Scripture passages and excerpts from the Lutheran Confessions. There are follow-up ideas and personal reflection questions as well.

What about witnessing in specific situations?

After completing the workshop, participants are given access to the E1HW website.  (Instructions for this are contained in the Quick Start guide included in the back of the workbook.) The website contains modules that apply what was learned in the workshop to specific witnessing contexts. More modules are being added as those resources become available. There are also group Bible studies being created for the context material, so you can continue the journey together or individually. You can access previews of the context modules on the E1HW website.*

*On the E1HW home page, scroll down and then click on the blue ‘View Module Listing’ box. Each module is listed and has a preview video associated with it.

Can I download the videos?

Registered workshop leaders can download videos from the E1HW website.

Where can I get other resources or information?

Our Facebook page has regular posts with news and information about the E1HW program. It also has preview videos for the workshop and all available context modules. These posts and videos can be used to share information, promote the workshop in your congregation, or for follow up after you’ve completed the workshop.

The Workshop Leader’s Guide, the E1HW website, and CPH offer promotional materials that you can customize.

Both the CPH and E1HW websites have graphics and preview videos you can share and other information.

Note: You can only purchase E1HW workshop materials through Concordia Publishing House. Go to CPH’s website or call (800) 325-3040.

How long is the workshop?

The Every One His Witness (E1HW) workshop is made up of 6 one-hour sessions. The workshop can be completed as a one-day event, a six-part series (e.g., Bible Study, small group), or as a weekend retreat. There are pros and cons to each setting. Send an email to request the free Workshop Leader’s Guide to help you decide the best way to present this workshop for your congregation, circuit, or group.

Who can lead the workshop? Does it require special training?

E1HW comes in a self-contained kit designed to allow a committed leader to run the workshop effectively with reasonable preparation. The Workshop Leader’s Guide contains all the information needed for a local leader to plan and conduct the workshop, including guiding participants through the sessions as they are presented in the videos and workbook.

You can download the Workshop Leader’s Guide after registering as a workshop leader (see the Quick Guide included in your kit for information on registering). You can also get a free copy of the Workshop Leader’s Guide if you are considering hosting or leading a workshop and want more detailed information about the workshop. Email a request to